October Haiku Poetry Challenge/Reto poetico haiku de octubre

Thank you for your sensational responses to the poetry challenge. I enjoyed reading them very much and translating them into the pair language. We are building a wonderful bilingual community of poets! This month, 9 international poets showed their skills; 7 in English and 2 in Spanish. Haikus of the month, in the order in which they were received:

Gracias por sus repuestas sensacionales al reto poético. Disfruté sumamente de leerlos y traducirlos a su idioma pareja. ¡Estamos creando una tremenda comunidad bilingüe de poetas! Este mes, 9 poetas internacionales demostraron sus talentos; 7 en inglés y 2 en español. Siguen los haikús del mes, en el orden recibido:

Sydney to London, England Transplant

We drifted away
On old waterways and rain
Together as one

–Aggie Soon


Andar sin rumbo
en canales antiguos
juntos en lluvia

–Aggie Soon

Fallen Leaves Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

United States

Frost gilds golden leaf
Sculpted clouds cruise sapphire blue
Fall speaks in color



Escarcha en hojas
Nubes vuelen por azul
Otoño habla en colores


Bright red maple leaves Photo: Rebecca Cuningham


wind whispers secrets
autumn leaves blush in response
frosts frozen kisses

–Piglet in Portugal


viento, secretos
brisa, rubor de hojas
besos helados

–Piglet in Portugal, traducido por Rebecca

United States

Pe-can or Pe-cawn
It depends on where you live
Either way, good pie!



Pacana o Pecana
Depende de tu origen
¡Pastel delicioso!

–Beth, traducido por Rebecca

Rose Photo: Rebecca Cuningham


Roses bloom amid
Dying gardens. Optimists
Don’t get the message.



Rosas florecen
Jardines casi muertos
Optimistas desconocen.
–Suzannesmom, traducido por Rebecca

three red maple leaves with black spots among brown oak leaves

United States

Dry old leaves crackle
Cool sunshine warms chilly skin
Touch warms heart within



Hojas crujidas
Sol frío me calienta
Tu, mi corazón

–Susandoesitall, traducido por Rebecca


Soy un pez azul
mares verdes ya no hay
gotas veo de luz

–Francisco Bravo Cabrera


I am a blue fish
green oceans don’t exist now
I see drops of light

–Francisco Bravo Cabrera, translated by Rebecca

Oak leaves

Puerto Rico

Pliegos antiguos
de profundas raíces
árbol amigo.



The ancient papers
with very profound roots
you my dear tree friend

–Mildred, translated by Rebecca

United States


Birdsong scatters, coal-
black breath–forest–last exhale.
Silent mountain, sing.

–Dawn Tevis Lippman



Canción de ave
Aliento negro de bosque.
Canta montaña

–Dawn Tevis Lippman, traducido por Rebecca

Thank you, talented poets all for your participation! If you missed this month’s, look the first week in November for the next poetry challenge. Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! I appreciate your comments and poetry entries. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

¡Gracias a tod@s l@s poetas talentos@s por su participación! Si hayan faltado el reto este mes, la primera semana en noviembre haremos el próximo. ¡Gracias por leer Fake Flamenco! Aprecio mucho sus comentarios y sus poemas. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Autumn Maple Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

11 thoughts on “October Haiku Poetry Challenge/Reto poetico haiku de octubre

  1. Super challenging to translate poetry! Thanks. I’ve done it in Esperanto, but it probably was clunky, and when I help a Farsi speaker who tries to write poems in English, I make it much worse. The secret, I think, is to be fluent in both languages. (I don’t know Farsi!)

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