Arty Madison Puts on Fall Show

Took a walk during a dry spell this afternoon. I set my sights on two new murals in the neighborhood. I saw staircases of beautiful pumpkins on the way. Do you recognize any characters carved into the pumpkins below?

Four Jack-O-Lanterns Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Last week I found two murals I had not yet seen. That foray I was out without a camera. Today I remedied that. These paintings beautify simple concrete block buildings in a business area.

Chrysalis Mural Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Chrysalis Mural Side View Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Pencil Mural Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The mural below is special. I route my walks in order to see it because I adore the colors and design.

Butterfly Mural by K. Maxwell Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

And now for more pumpkins on the home stretch, as it started to rain… Notice the lowest pumpkin is missing its lid and has visible teeth marks from a hungry squirrel. The “Boo” with o’s for eyes wasn’t scary enough to frighten the creature away.

Pumpkin Trio Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Thanks for taking this walk with me. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Check out Debbie and Friends fabulous photos at Six Word Saturday.

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Rebecca Cuningham

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