Hiking in Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park

The day after half turkey day. Buy nothing day in our household. Yesterday we cooked all afternoon and attended two zoom parties. Today was sunny and a balmy 6C (40F). Time for me to get outside, phone camera in hand… I headed to Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park, a few miles from our place.

Cherokee Marsh Trail Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Try the new window shade technology below. Click and drag the arrow in the center circle left or right to see the photo change from color to black and white and back again.

Cherokee Marsh Trail Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
This Log’s My Oyster Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
View of the Yahara River Through Bare Trees Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Grass Seeds aka Waving Wheat Sure Smells Sweet Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Sunlight Makes a Pathway on Water Beyond the Grasses Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I had a great hour autumn walk. Which is your favorite season to walk?

Want to see more photos? Check out Debbie and Friends’ great pics at Six Word Saturday. Happy Weekend! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

33 thoughts on “Hiking in Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park

      1. Yes, it is. When at the plus sign as you write your post you can select image, paragraph and so on, you select “compare”. Then you upload the two images and the fun begins. ¡Olé!


  1. What a beautiful clear blue sky! I soaked up as much sunlight as I could outdoors, taking care of my succulent garden. Two neighbors stopped by for a chat, keeping a safe social-distancing, something I greatly miss during this pandemic.


  2. There really is a beauty to walks in the wintertime. I especially enjoy the cold, so it’s always a pleasure to take a stroll in my neighborhood during the cooler months. And yes, the black-and-white photos make for such atmospheric views! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  3. I like the fall…take a walk in the leaves with my Sweetie in a crisp, sunny day.

    When I was about 15, my cousin and I were taking a shortcut from my house to his thru a large northern oak forest. We didn’t know it but hundreds of crows were nesting in the tree tops. The noise we made in the leaves spooked them and they all took wing. It sounded like the whole forest was caving in! I froze; my cousin ran for home. When I realized what it was I yelled “Crows! Crows!” But he was long gone. I just stood there and laughed.

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  4. Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all 😦


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