Sometimes Flamenco Means Flamingo in Spanish

When I researched the topic of Flamenco in college for a Spanish class presentation, I came upon a challenge. Looking at a Spanish encyclopedia, the entry for Flamenco was pink birds and nothing about the dance.

Flamingo Wash Photo: Rebecca Cuingham
Flamingo Mural Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
5 Flamingos Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Continuing my search, I found Flamenco the dance in another book. The information was not in depth, so I decided to perform flamenco for my presentation, and Fake Flamenco was born! I must have captured some of the duende (spirit) of the steps because my Peruvian Spanish professor asked where I had learned El Flamenco!

Do you have a fake it til you make it story? ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Check out Debbie and Friends’ great pics at Six Word Saturday.

6WS #SixWordSaturday

Rebecca Cuningham

9 thoughts on “Sometimes Flamenco Means Flamingo in Spanish

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