Oh Snow, the Splash Park’s Closed!

Eagle and a friend went to Elver Park mid-week. As we met, someone’s sharp eyes caught sight of this sign. We thought with a grin to share it with you.

Splash Park is Closed Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Splash Parked Closed!?! So instead of a Splash, we went sledding instead. Several inches of snow arrived this week to our delight!

Kids and Families Sledding Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Are you a fan of sledding?

Check out Debbie and Friends’ great pics at Six Word Saturday.

6WS #SixWordSaturday

Rebecca Cuningham

24 thoughts on “Oh Snow, the Splash Park’s Closed!

  1. Loved to go sledding as a kid. We used to do a train down hill – on a crooked course. The lead guy had to guide the train and if he didn’t make a turn…well, it wasn’t pretty.

    My mom (a farm girl) told me a story about her siblings and her using her dad’s good scoop shovel for a sled. They rode it down an embankment until the snow was gone and it started scraping on the gravel below. It got all scratched up and nicked. When their dad found out he was livid to say the least. They all got whippings and extra chores for a month.

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    1. Hello Larry, sled train on a crooked course could be a good name for a novel. Sounds like the red wagon train we’d roll down our sidewalk until the hairpin curve… Dads and their tools, your mom’s story sounds right out of little house on the prairie. Thanks for your stories : ) R


  2. Well, with such freezing temperatures, it’d be a bit illogical to go to the Splash Park, especially if it’s completely frozen over! Looks like you made the best of it, though, and went sledding instead!

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  3. Wonderful sign, Rebecca! And yes, I loved sledding as a kid – well, I still do! There was nothing more fun than zipping down a hill. But the hill had a stream at the bottom, so the challenge was learning to stop, or ditch your sled before you went into the water. I must admit I went home wet a few times. 🙂 Wishing you a fabulous 2021. 🙂 Terri

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    1. Hi Terri, thanks for your fun message and for following! Yes, some hills are tricky. The sledding Saturday was go too far and end up in the lake. Fortunately the first fifty feet of the lake was frozen. Have a wonderful 2021 you two! Rebecca

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