Train Crossing, Stop Your Bike Here

Since we own one car, I often walk or bike to do errands. I came upon an absurd sight recently as I walked home.

Do Not Cross Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The pedestrian and bike path was blocked by a flashing railroad crossing sign with the barriers down. There were no bikes, there were no trains, just me.

Bike Path Train Crossing Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

As I got closer, the arms raised again. To the right on the railroad bridge, I saw a worker. I realized he was manually activating the system to test it. It works!

Then I wondered if the gate should be more substantial, a racing cyclist might try to fly underneath…

What silly comment might you leave below? Gracias ; ) For serious comments, please see the Chilean democracy post from Thursday. ¡Olé! Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

19 thoughts on “Train Crossing, Stop Your Bike Here

  1. If a cyclist did that, I would think that’s on them! I only know of one of these crossing’s here and when I think of a someone who gets to work with these rare crossings, it’s kind of cool!


  2. This isn’t a silly comment…it’s rather scary in fact. When I started school, I walked all the time as it was only about a mile from home. The problem was, there were railroad tracks and a depot between me and the school. Ninety-nine-point-ninety-nine percent of the time there were no trains at the depot. If there was one, it was parked so as not to block the crossing. On one particular day, I got to the depot and saw a long freight train blocking the crossing. Now what?

    I could either go home and have to explain to my mom why I hadn’t gone to school; I could wait until the train left and be late to school having to explain to my teacher as to why. Or…I could duck under the train and hope no one noticed. And certainly hope the train didn’t start moving. I had no idea how long the train would be there and made up my mind to duck under the coupling. As I started towards the train, I heard a sudden, loud bang and saw the cars jerk. My heart almost exploded as I stepped back from the tracks. I sat down on a nearby bench to wait for it to pass on down the tracks, trying to get myself settled down. Never again would I even think about doing such a dumb stunt like that.

    As I’ve grown up, that image has flashed thru my mind more than once when I’ve been faced with a dangerous situation. It taught me a lot about risk taking – when it should be done, when it should not be done, and when to trust you gut if you can’t answer the first two questions.

    Good post.

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