Little Free Libraries in Colombia

VIsion, generosity, and dedication are three attributes of Jorge Ospina, founder of a public project to make books available to all. Thanks to Henry Louis of My Quest Blog for the inspirational article and video on The Book Man’s work to spread joy and knowledge in rural Colombia.

People need books. After retirement, Jorge began setting up depositories near sidewalks in Antioquia using works from his own shelves he’d read. The little doll-sized houses he builds are very similar to the Little Free Libraries, which he had seen in California and Canada. Those were the inspiration for his project, however his are designed to be lending libraries. He calls them, Libros Que Van y Vienen, Books that Come and Go.

After his initial success, he asked for donations and the boxes of books started pouring in from family, friends and neighbors. His project has already put more than 4,000 books in the hands of thirsty readers! He has 10,000 more ready for the next locations. For more information, read Henry’s post or see the short video below.

Henry made an excellent bilingual video of Jorge:

What books are you reading?

Long live libraries big and small! ¡Olé! –Rebecca Cuningham

Libros Que Van y Vienen Books that Come and Go Photo: Henry Louis
Rebecca Cuningham

29 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries in Colombia

  1. What a lovely project that Jorge has started to bring books to everyone. There is one here on my walking route in someone’s garden and I always have a little look. There’s always a mix of adult and children’s books in there.

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    1. Thanks, Larry. Once the pandemic’s over you could fly to Colombia with suitcases full of books. That’s often how people mail precious items in Latin America. For now, I bet there’s a Little Free Library near you that would love them!


  2. I admire a man like Jorge. Books are as important as thoughts because one learns to think by reading and one opens oneself to many worlds through books. A great post Rebecca and very important because we get little exposure to the many good and valuable things that are being accomplished in South America and I appreciate your efforts to educate us. All the best,

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Francisco. Books are central to education, self-knowledge, and sharing ideas. I believe that books are the uniquely human accomplishment to share thoughts with people 2000 miles or 200 years away from us. It is my pleasure to write posts that inform and build bridges. We all havre much to learn from one another.

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      1. Yes, and thank you very much for all your postings! I especially like this one since books have opened up for me so many avenues of thinking and then acting on them.

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  3. Wonderful post. I am a fan of little libraries – we have several in our community parks. I just read an article about them in the latest edition of Poets and Writers. 📚 💗 I am currently reading a book by Alice Hoffman.

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