New Lake Monona Ice Fishing Village

The daytime fishing village was beginning to close as I drove home near sunset. When I’d dashed off on my errand there had been three times as many fishing tents on the ice. Next time I’ll catch it at full occupancy!

Ice Fishing Village. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

How can I call myself a Midwestern woman when I’ve only fished through ice once in my life? Are you Up to it?

Stay warm and eat lots of fish! : ) –Rebecca

P.S. Unless you’re allergic, are vegan, or vegetarian, of course. ; ) R

See what Debbie’s Six Word Saturday photographers have in store for you this weekend. ¡Olé!

Ice Fishing Village, SquareUp. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Rebecca Cuningham

35 thoughts on “New Lake Monona Ice Fishing Village

  1. The Midwest is a part of the US I’ve not been to before…being a city girl from the sunny, snow-less West Coast, I’m amazed that the country’s so diverse not only in weather, but also the culture that surrounds it. Fishing through ice is unheard of in LA, yet it’d be a cool experience to partake some day. Hope you get around to it!

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  2. A Midwestern cultural icon. The ice fishing village. The fancy houses have couches, TVs and barbecues. The ultimate in what are usually mancaved

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    1. Yes, the ice fishing huts in Northern Minnesota are more like palaces. I’d love to post a photo of the ice fishing village on Lake Mille Lacs that’s complete with street names! Would you two take a picture the next time you’re up that way? Gracias xo

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  3. Beautiful photography Rebecca. Must say that although I love fishing, and have done it in some great fishing areas like the Caribbean, Alaska and the Mediterranean, I’ve never done ice fishing. Maybe something to plan one day. All the best,

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    1. I guess it’s difficult to imagine ice over 8 inches thick that you can drive on! (I have only walked and skied on it.) My grandmother’s friend even moved a house across White Bear Lake in the middle of winter. The fish are Northern Pike, Sunfish, Catfish snd Bass common fish in Wisconsin lakes.


    1. Thanks for the Australian perspective on ice fishing. Hope you have a chance to go in Upstate New York! You might enlist the folks at the place you’re staying to help arrange an outing. I’d love to hear how it turns out!

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