Top 12 Articles of 2020

Thank you very much for Fake Flamenco’s best year yet. Happily, 300 new followers joined us, and visitors from over 110 countries viewed our site in 2020! Here is my annual best loved posts of the year list. Truthfully, all three top articles were from 2019; about Dr. Martínez’ search in Egypt for Cleopatra and Nicaraguan heroine Rafaela Herrera! Readers enjoy stories about amazing women, duly noted. : )

The 2020 most-read list below shows you are also passionate about writers, poetry challenges, nature photography, memoir and humor. Perfect, I have plenty more of those stories up my Fake Flamenco sleeve!

Top 12 Posts From 2020

  1. Who’s Your Favorite Chicana Writer?
  2. Did Horses Become Extinct in the Americas?
  3. 10 Great Websites for Virtual Travel
  4. Spanish Haiku Winners/Ganadores del concurso haikú
  5. 25 Years Ago Today
  6. October Poetry Challenge/Reto poético de octubre
  7. Fa La Merry Grinchmas to You
  8. August Poetry Challenge/Reto poético de agosto
  9. Throwback Thursday: The Austin Years
  10. Tanka Poetry Contest/Concurso de poesía tanka
  11. Hiking in Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park
  12. The Snow We Sought Arrived Today

I appreciate the friends and followers who have spread the word about Fake Flamenco. A huge debt of gratitude with a dark chocolate Lego tower on top to Trina who guided 678 referrals to Fake Flamenco in 2020! A large chocolate sundae to Debbie at Travel with Intent for 142 referrals last year! Thank you very much to all readers, especially those who are so responsive in making comments. Big blogging hugs to top commenters Sarah Cook, Margaret, Carol Anne, Francisco, Rosaliene, Suzanne’s Mom and Rebecca Goes Rendezvous.

What’s in store for 2021? More poetry, photos, memoir, and fabulous Latinas in the news and in history. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Footsteps toward us Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

14 thoughts on “Top 12 Articles of 2020

  1. As you know I’m a pretty new arrival, so virtual hugs back in return for the virtual hug from you. I’ll slowly go back through these Top Posts in my own time – apart from the poetry ones, some of which I saw. I love your wide-ranging interests. This is a really stimulating, interesting blog. Thank you!

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