Sparkles Gallup Across the Snow

I’ve talked a lot about wanting more snow. The heavens listened; we have 8 inches of fluffy new drifts. For a visual, I have the black and white square version and the color. After a snowstorm, does photo color make a difference?

Sparkling Snow Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Winter Sunlight on the Snow Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

What have you been up to? SquareUp is photo fun hosted by Becky B.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

14 thoughts on “Sparkles Gallup Across the Snow

      1. I noticed the early clearance when i was in Lake Tahoe one winter – just amazing how fast they clear the snow. And yes I guess, they are a bit better in Scotland unlike us southerners who are just hopeless with snow preparation!


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