Walk, Wind, Ski and the Snow

As a troupe of seasoned British comedians would say, “And now for something completely different…” in this case, snow! We put so much energy into wishing for winter precipitation in November and December, and here we’ve got it, we really do. Two feet is plenty, thanks. Wouldn’t mind passing a bit along to our friends in Ireland and England, really we wouldn’t. Would an ice chest keep it frosty enough on its journey across the pond?

Mini Iceberg on Rocks Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Snow “Garden” at Lake Mendota Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Snow Fairies on the Lake Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Geese on the Wing Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Second Time Around Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Now who needs a fluffy care package? ; ) ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Check out Debbie and Friends’ great pics at Six Word Saturday.

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Rebecca Cuningham

31 thoughts on “Walk, Wind, Ski and the Snow

  1. Great photos, but I’ll pass thanks. Unless, that is, you have a well-heated cabin somewhere nearby where I could gaze at the snowy scenes in total warmth with maybe a hot toddy in my hand?

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      1. I used to ski when I was in College. Near the Alps. Only cross country skied once for a week much later. A nice sensation. Difficult at first, but a very nice way to go around in the snow. Compliments,


  2. Lovely photos Rebecca! A true winter wonderland you’ve there. Although it’s beautiful, I am loving our warm days here in the Mediterranean where we’ve reached 18 degrees (Celsius) and sunny 😎. Take good care and all the best!


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