50 Neighbors Light the Night

The results of one person’s email to the neighborhood are in – a magical, homegrown ice lantern evening! People took Bundt pans, buckets, Tupperware, perhaps even trash cans, filled them with water and a second heavy object inside in order to create an open space in the center and put them outside to freeze. At least fifty people carried their results to the local park this weekend and put lit candles underneath making an art ice installation to walk.

Ice Lantern Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Lantern path from the bridge Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Lantern path Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Luminaries at Dusk Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Snow Person and Candlelight Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Got ice? Got magic. Together, we can light the way.

Which is your favorite classical element: water, fire, ice or earth?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

22 thoughts on “50 Neighbors Light the Night

      1. I wish I had a garden- that is a dream for the future. In the meantime, I’ve got my indoor plants that I move around and wipe dust off. I also like nature walks, the smell of flowers/trees/dirt and sound of wind rustling through tall trees.

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      2. Indoor gardens are wonderful to purify the air and the soul. Are there community gardens near where you live where you could till some soil? Hope you find a way to fit that in, sounds like you’d really enjoy it.

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    1. Thank you, Rosaliene. Someone was inspired to think of it! Every ice lantern was unique. We went again today, our child froze water outside in a bucket overnight, so we had our own contribution this evening. I’d say there were 200 in all. 🙂

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  1. That is truly magical! What a wonderful communal activity to partake in. It’s the contrast of snow and fire which really brings the tender atmosphere to life…if only Los Angeles had some snow to make this work! Thanks for sharing this, Rebecca. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Rebecca! The participation was outstanding – I’d say it was 200 ice lanterns by the final night on 2/16. Last night our child added theirs to the mix, a tapered bucket shape. Since the weather had warmed up to 20F (-5C), a lot of people came out to check out the luminary walk yesterday; at least 100 an hour.

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  2. This is a fabulous idea. And which element do I prefer? There’s a time and a place for them all to inspire and energise, and a time and a place for them each to be frightening too. Circumstance is all!

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    1. Thanks Margaret, the elements are all very beautiful. I agree. They all are forces of nature beyond our control at times as well. The lanterns made of ice is such a simple idea that created a lot of community and joy at a time of year when people are often tired of winter. : )

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