Brightly about Town, Flips Around Frowns

Little banjo froggy, ready to brighten up your day. Street art in Madison, Wisconsin. For 3 April, Six Word Saturday and Bright Squares:

Bright Frog with Banjo Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Crystal Corner Establishment waiting for vaccinated patrons to lift chilled glass mugs. Photo for Bright Squares, 4 April.

Crystal Corner Window Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Lights, camera, action, videotape. Photo for Bright Squares, 5 April.

Hex, Lies & Videotape Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

What is your favorite street art you’ve found?

Check out Debbie and Friends’ great pics at Six Word Saturday.

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Square Up with Becky B!

Rebecca Cuningham

24 thoughts on “Brightly about Town, Flips Around Frowns

  1. Gosh, all ahead and ready to go here! A great selection, especially the frog. Too much great street art around to choose favourites, but in a crowded field, I love Valencia and Berlin for wonderful discoveries in both cities.

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  2. I feel so upbeat after visiting this post!
    The froggie is, of course, very cute!
    The title of the artwork is so clever.
    And I like the hopefulness that comes with the Crystal Establishment capture.

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