You’re In the Pink!

Tulip season is here, so we’ve declared a flower week at Fake Flamenco.

Bright pink Square:

Pink tulip Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Original photo:

Pink Tulips Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

New flower tomorrow, in a different shade.

What’s bringing a smile to your face today?

Gracias for visiting Fake Flamenco. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Square Up with Becky B!

Rebecca Cuningham

8 thoughts on “You’re In the Pink!

  1. I love tulips, but so do the gray squirrels that are abundant in our yard. I raised the white flag and stopped planting tulips. Thought I’d try something new, but last week they dug up five of the gladiola corms I’d planted. They didn’t eat them, but they won’t do much good lying on top of the ground. A bunny has taken up residence under the ramp at our porch. Last week he was eating the black-eyed Susan leaves. This morning he took a liking to the daylily greenery that’s come up. I wish I could interest him in eating grass….

    Keep the flower pictures coming!

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    1. Pesky squirrels and bunnies! We have a squirrel that likes to behead tulips. It does make me sad to see the petals on the ground after waiting a full year to see them bloom! I wonder if the sap is tasty…


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