1 Bright Day, With Daffodils

Do you remember pinwheels? It seems ages since I’ve seen one. I remember it’s a fun toy that needs no batteries. The person who developed these pinwheel narcissus deserves an award for ingenuity.

Pinwheel Daffodils Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Bulbs are like friends, they’re a gift to give yourself. Dig, plant, cover, and enjoy next spring. Okay, that doesn’t work with the parallel with friends. ; ) Watering is good for both; nurturing the plants or a friendship…

If you like to garden, do you prefer annual or perennial plants?

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Rebecca Cuningham

16 thoughts on “1 Bright Day, With Daffodils

  1. I had to look up ‘pinwheels’ — yes, I remember them, but here in the UK they are called windmills! You can buy larger ones for the garden.

    I usually plant perennials, love to see them year after year….. like old friends.

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    1. Oh, interesting, windmills makes sense. Thanks for translating it for the UK crowd! You’re right, that’s where I’ve seen them more recently, as garden decor. I agree about perennials as old friends. : )

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  2. I enjoy gardening. I have no special preference. The succulent and other plants that do well in our garden plots flower at different times of the year, so that there’s always added colors to look forward to.

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