Love in the Garden: Six Hearts

May flowers are beginning to bloom. We’re enjoying Bleeding Heart and looking forward to Lilacs. A few tulips are sticking around for the fun.

Happy May Day to all the workers of the world, especially those supporting our health.

Bleeding heart Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Orange tulip Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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Rebecca Cuningham

34 thoughts on “Love in the Garden: Six Hearts

    1. Out of curiosity, I went in search of an answer and learned that hummingbirds are their main pollinators, attracted by their nectar. I discovered, too, that there are several varieties of Bleeding Hearts. Quite a fascinating genus.

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    1. How wonderful that it reminds you of your parents’ garden. Yes, the name is a bit jarring. However, there is some humor in it because of the saying we have in the US, “bleeding heart liberal.” When I see the flowers I say that to myself and giggle.


  1. We call your first flower Love-Lies-Bleeding, which is even more poetic than Bleeding Heart. And it’s poetry time on Tuesday? Aaaaargh! Happy May time anyway!

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