June 2021 Poetry Challenge

I’ve returned from several days in Arizona for my uncle’s funeral. I wrote a poem to commemorate Uncle Peter which I read at the service. Since celebrating a life is on my mind, this month the poetry challenge will be to write a memorial poem. The subject can be personal, someone from your own life, or you can choose a public or historical figure as your subject. Please write a poem that is rated G, for all audiences. Please enter your poem in the comments below by Sunday, 13 June at midnight GMT-5. Thanks, poets!

Reto poético: Vuelvo de un viaje de cuatro días para el entierro de mi tío Peter en Arizona. Escribí un poema para conmemorarle que leí en el funeral. Como está muy presente en mi mente el celebrar la vida de alguien, este mes el Reto poético es para escribir un poema conmemorativo. El tema puede ser personal, un o una ser querid@ de tu vida, o puedes escoger una figura pública o histórica como tu enfoque. Favor de escribir un poema para todas las audiencias, incluso los niños. Entra su poema en los comentarios abajo antes del domingo 13 junio a la medianoche (GMT-5). ¡Gracias, poetas!

Uncle Peter Photo: US Navy 1961

For the Love of Pete

Born in Bluebell
Teenager on Summit Avenue
Dave, Chick, Pete…Sal, John, Bec
Shipped out with the Navy
Cruise director for Brother Sailor

Back Stateside
Fell in love with Phoenix and a
mystery woman in the desert
multiplied new joy
as father to 3
and with time
grandfather to 9

He loved Reading,
Writing and the Rim
Self-published author
who gave me my first translation job
out of school when I was out of work

Living enthusiastically,
with certainty, and commitment.
Christian man,
dedicated to God
and to family.

Companion to Grandma
in her most senior years.
Chauffer, butler and chef

Bolo tie or cowboy kerchief
ever adorned his neck.
Laughing together
at his four-way stomach wave
we’d see his signature sidewinding smile.

We thank the Lord for you, Peter
and your mysterious ways.

Pete Pete and Re-Pete
God Speed, June 3, 2021 AD

–Rebecca Cuningham

Love to my Uncle Peter (1941-2021) and his family. –Rebecca

Two Daffodils Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Saludos, para el poema en español, haz un clic aquí.

Rebecca Cuningham

19 thoughts on “June 2021 Poetry Challenge

  1. This is a lovely tribute. Whether I join in or not this month is up in the air. Going to Spain (we hope) to visit daughter and family – specifically their new baby, and the preparations in time of Covid are ridiculous. My head is full of lists – not conducive to quiet reflection!

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  2. What a great tribute poem. I love the ending — “re-pete”.

    My eulogy for my fatherin 2005 was a poem, that appeared in full form as I was driving on a Motorway (no place to stop). I was chanting it out loud all journey……

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    1. Thanks for your response, Kim. I appreciate it. Oh, I know exactly what you mean about keeping the word alive until you can write it down! I loved imagining you regaling the roadways with your poem for your father. It is such a blessing when poems appear, complete, from thin air. Doesn’t happen every day.

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