Choose Duct Tape Prom Winners

For 20 years, Duck Tape has awarded scholarships to winners who make the best prom clothes out of duct tape. Ingenious idea, great marketing, and spectacular results. Ten finalists were announced today for the 2021 competition; 5 in the prom dress category and 5 in the tux category. The outfits are fantastic. One student from each category will win a $10,000 college scholarship, and the other 8 will receive $500 scholarships.

This year average number of hours of work on the costume for those in the tux category was 88! That’s three and a half days straight or two full work weeks. 146 hours was the average for the prom dresses; 6 days without stopping or three and a half work weeks. Colored duct tape is 1.88 inches wide and 15 yards long. It took 19 rolls of duct tape to make a tux; 29 was the average for prom dresses. My favorite dress, Larissa’s, used 47 rolls of duct tape!

I have no 2021 images to show you due to copyright laws, but I will describe all ten.

Prom Dresses

  1. Larissa’s Mexican Ballet Foklórico dress has an off-the-shoulder bodice, wide black skirt, colorful stripes and flowers.
  2. Erika designed a clever two in one dress design in white, black, turquoise and gold.
  3. Zaineb made a blue and gold dress celebrating her Muslim background with an image from the Abu Dhabi mosque.
  4. Meihuan designed a yellow dress based on her Chinese heritage and the pageantry of Chinese opera.
  5. Giles made a colorful hoop skirt dress featuring messages spray painted on the Robert E. Lee Statue in VA as an antiracism statement.


  1. Zoe’s blue and gold tux is inspired by peacocks and 18th century menswear. Beautiful feather-like green vest.
  2. Ryan made a black and red steampunk angel or devil suit complete with a top hat and wings.
  3. Aaron represented the human body; bones, muscles and organs because he wants to study medicine.
  4. Vaughn created a green circuit board tux and multicolored striped pants.
  5. Casey’s tux is an American Gothic theme, complete with overalls, cowboy hat and a representation of the painting.

Please look at the contest website, you won’t be disappointed! ( Click on the names of the contestants for more details. If you would like, you can cast a vote for your favorite dress and tux. Please let us know in the comments below which two get your vote!

¡Gracias! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Duck Tape Prom Guy with spiky hair 2005 Photo: TexasDex
Rebecca Cuningham

15 thoughts on “Choose Duct Tape Prom Winners

    1. Well, your daughter is very creative! Duct tape is a good medium for costume making. We’ve made paper towel tube swords that looked very convincing. Did you get a chance to look at the prom outfits. I’m curious which you preferred. : )

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