Madison Garden Tour Weekend Part I

We’ve had fabulous weather for a change (21C) and I spent the majority of the weekend outdoors. Eagle, our tween, was with me on three of the four garden days. They took mounds of photos. I’ll cull them to show you the two best from each. I was allowed to use my camera a couple of times also, wink.

A good friend and I went for a walk in the Arboretum. The prairie was spectacular with flowers of multiple shades.

Bright Cap Lily Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Prairie Wildflower Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The same friend, Eagle and I went on the Olbrich Garden Tour, this year of local yards on the west side of town. We saw new species and wonderful arrangements of plants, paths, rocks, trees…

“Lucifer” Crocosmia Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The first house had the best kid-friendly feature, as seen in Eagle’s photo. Is this a hint?

Tree Fort Re-envisioned Photo: Ealge
Sign by the Tree Fort Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The second house had the largest home on the largest lot (3.9 acres = around 16,000 square meters). The trees were beautiful, but it featured too much grass and hostas for my tastes. For that one, I have no photos to share. House three of the garden tour was one of our favorites. The couple had done all the work themselves and created a truly beautiful and cozy back yard with a fish pond.

Koi Pond Photo: Eagle
Seating Trellis Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Eagle and I continued the tour Saturday. Fourth house was up on a hill and was decorated with many sculptures.

Boulders and Decorative Plants Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Ceramic Water Feature Photo: Eagle

Here is the door to the fifth garden. I’m smiling in this photo Eagle took and my smile just got bigger after visiting this amazing garden designed by the resident landscape architect. This was one of the smallest yards (.17 acre = 688 Square Meters), turned paradise.

Rebecca enters a garden Photo: Eagle
Japanese Garden Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

What features do you value in green space?

Tune in for Part II on Thursday to see more fabulous gardens and learn the 5 Lessons the Garden Tour taught us. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

20 thoughts on “Madison Garden Tour Weekend Part I

  1. Thanks for the lovely tour, Rebecca. I love the idea and look of a prairie garden…Guess I’ll have to settle for a meadow where I live. 🌼
    Oh boy, I’m all in on that magnificent treehouse! That would be the life!
    Glad you got a chance to enjoy that tour. Wishing you more great Summer days.


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