Spanish & Portuguese on the Podium

Latin America and Spain have many top tier athletes this year at the 2020 Olympics. Talented men and women from the Caribbean and South America are proudly bringing home medals.

Gold! Yulimar Rojas of Venezuela broke the world record for the triple jump, 15.67 meters = 51 feet!

Yulimar Rojas, Meeting de Paris 2019 Photo: Yann Caradec
ArgentinaRugby against GB! bronze
BrazilDaniel Cargnin Bronze Judo
Fernando Schaeffer Bronze 200M Freestyle Swimming;
Laura Pigossi and Luisa Stefani bronze Women’s Tennis Doubles;
Bruno Fratus bronze Men’s 50 Meters Swimming
-Rebeca Andrade Silver All Around Gymnastics
-Kelvin Hofler Silver Street Skateboarding
-Rayesa Leal Silver Women’s Skateboarding
*Rebeca Andrade Gold Women’s Vault
*Italo Ferreira Gold Surfing
ColombiaCarlos Ramirez Bronze BMX-Mariana Pajón BMX Silver
-Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano Silver Weightlifting 67kg
CubaRafael Yunier Alba Castillo Tae Kwon Do Bronze
PELETEIRO Ana ATH bronze Women’s Triple Jump 3
VALERO SERRANO David MTB bronze Men’s Cross-country 3
CARRENO BUSTA Pablo TEN bronze Men’s Singles
*Mijaín López Nuñez gold (his 4th!) Men’s Greco-Roman 130kg
*CSP Gold Men’s Canoe Double 1000m
*Luis Alberto ORTA SANCHEZ Gold
Men’s Greco-Roman 60kg
Dominican Republic-Marileidy Paulino, Lidio Andrés Feliz, Anabel Medina Ventura and Alexander Ogando silver mixed 4×400 track relay
-Zacarias Bonnat Michel silver 81 kg weightlifting
Ecuador*Richard Carapaz Gold Road Race Cycling,
*Neisi Patricia Dajomes Barrera Gold Women’s Weightlifting 76kg
MexicoAlejandra Orozco and Gabriela Agundez Bronze Synchronized Diving; Alejandra Valencia & Luis Alvarez mixed archery bronze, Aremi Fuentes Zavala bronze women’s weightlifting 76kg
Puerto Rico*Jasmine Camacho-Quinn 100m hurdles gold
Venezuela-Julio Ruben Mayora Silver 73 kg Weightlifting, -Keydomar Giovanni Vallenilla Sánchez silver medal 96kg weightlifting, –Daniel Dhers silver Men’s BMX Freesyle*Yulimar Rojas gold Triple Jump,

These are the medals up until 2 August. There will be more!

Which is your favorite olympic sport? –Rebecca

I think my new favorite is women’s kayaking. Spain won a silver.

Cuba’s Mijaín López Nuñez won his fourth consecutive gold medal for wrestling! ¡Olé!

Rebecca Cuningham

17 thoughts on “Spanish & Portuguese on the Podium

  1. I’ve watched zero minutes of the Olympics. Sport isn’t my thing, though I made an exception in 2012 for the London games. Sorry! My loss! Too many miserable memories of school games lessons …

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Margaret. Sorry to hear about the bad school games memories. I have some of my own! Dodgeball, ugh. I like to see people excel at sports in the Olympics in a way I could not do. No apologies needed, you have your week free to do other things. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been tuning into the Olympics, at least watching the clips of highlights on YouTube after I get off work. I was really impressed with the Dominican Republic’s performance in the mixed 4x400m relay, and one can hear them saying, in Spanish, “Thank you, God,” after they placed second. Such a proud moment for the country!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Rebecca. Funny you’d mention the 4×100 relay. The US loses that one because they don’t practice passing the baton – key to winning the race. Other countries know the importance of teamwork. There could be a lesson for US there… I love the gratitude and humility of the DR team after winning the silver. Admirable athletes!

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      1. Yup, it’s the individualistic, American pride there! But it’s also selecting athletes who have good chemistry/teamwork, instead of just selecting who are the fastest!

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  3. Nice to have it organized like this. Thank you. And just think how proud their home countries are! Whenever one starts to feel jaded about the Olympics, one remembers how joy spreads in hometowns.

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  4. Thank you, Rebecca, for this organized post! I watched Rebeca Andrade win the silver in all-around gymnastics, but I missed her on the vault!! Those are the first two medals Brazil has ever won in gymnastics at the Olympics! I’m sure she’s going home to a hero’s welcome! I guess I’ll try to see it on YouTube. I didn’t watch much of the Olympics, surprising for me. I usually watch all the gymnastics events, and I was interested to see the new sport of skate boarding! There are going to be lots of neighborhood kids practicing their moves with dreams of being an Olympic champion!
    Watching the Olympics here gets tiring because it’s all about Team USA, which I guess is normal, but sometimes athletes from other countries are not given much air time. I did love Suni Lee, though!

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    1. Thanks for your great comments. I love how reruns are easy on youtube! I agree that the overarching focus on USA gets tiresome. That was the inspiration for this post, shine the light on other world class athletes. 🙂


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