6 Cultural Murals in Minneapolis

Just home from a week away in Minneapolis to visit family. We had fun swimming at an outdoor pool. Grandpa then Grandma were great sports taking Eagle on a dual innertube down the water slide. We saw my sister’s family and my mom’s sister and her husband over dinner. Grandpa grilled chicken and burgers. The Olympics was cool to watch, especially the novel events of skateboarding and surfing. I had lunch Saturday with a friend from junior high. Once I picked her up I asked her directions to the restaurant, and again on the way back.

I don’t exactly get lost in the Twin Cities after two decades away, but I do wander a bit. The city map in my head still functions, but the visual input has changed. So many buildings have been built in the last twenty years. Also new is along Lake Street, businesses have multilingual signs. Minnesota was beginning to have a more diverse population when I was in college there. Now it has completely transformed into a place with immigrants from many countries, particularly Somalia and Mexico.

Dulce Mex Store Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Monarchs are important in Mexican, Mixteca (Aztec) and Maya cultures as representatives of the spirits of those who have passed on.

Monarch Butterfly Close-up Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I found four or five murals within a block. Around Lake St. there is a large Mexican American community, and they’re expressing themselves artistically in a beautiful way. I found no Somali murals, but since the country is Muslim if there were murals the art would not be representational. Here are two more beautiful paintings by a Mexican-American artist:

Stylized Butterfly and Flowers Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Pollinator Mural Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I also pulled over further down East Lake Street to see this art with traditional symbols and themes from the Lakota and Ojibwe Nations.

Ojibwe Mural Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I was happy to see that First Nations of Minnesota were honored in these murals. This post is dedicated to International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, which was August 9th.

Lakota Geometric Star and Ojibwe Floral Mural Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

These paintings are a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Yahoo, this was our first family vacation since January 2020!

Are you getting out and about? Seeing any interesting street art?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

26 thoughts on “6 Cultural Murals in Minneapolis

  1. Another beautiful and positive share! I also learned a cultural truth. Enjoy! During this time I was still traveling, my son plays basketball, we have been to Indianapolis and Naperville, IL within the last month. it is feels good to move around.

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    1. Thanks, Tony! I appreciate your comments. Glad you and your son have been out and about. Must be really fun to see his games! What did you think of Olympic basketball? The USA and the French were neck and neck for the gold.

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      1. Your Welcome Rebecca! It was great! I am from Milwaukee, so I was already riding high with the bucks. The international competition is getting better!
        But yes watching my son do what he enjoys was a blessing and fun! Plus I traveled to places I probably would never thought about going.
        So, I also live through your journeys…! 🤗💗

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    1. Thanks, Kathy. So true. I wish I’d had time to research all 24, each woman has her own inspiring story. Full bios in English were scarce, so I looked them up in Spanish and one in Portuguese. They are amazing athletes and people.

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  2. I just booked another trip to dublin for september! I am headed there on 9th september, coming home on the 12th! Off to see my friend pat again! Yahoo! I love being able to finally travel some places again! Glad you had a fun time! It sounds amazing!

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