Wisconsin Farm Land on Highway 14

This trip we drove the slow route along Highway 14 to Minnesota. The farm land is lush green with soybeans and corn. I like the spiffy look of the red barns with metal roofs. They are a nice contrast with the color of the fields. The highway speed limits are lower than on I94 and there are plenty of towns to slow down for, but that was part of the charm of this route.

West Wisconsin Farm Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We listened to a favorite flamenco CD, with a song sung by cantaor* Carmen Linares. Then we heard the music of Cris Plata, a talented tejano who lives in Madison. He sings protest songs about the treatment of farm workers, which seemed appropriate for our journey.

*a cantaor is a flamenco singer

How do you and your loved ones amuse yourselves on long car rides?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

21 thoughts on “Wisconsin Farm Land on Highway 14

  1. Much as you do. Singing along to CDs, tapes (still using them from the old days, lovely mixes), listening to favourite radio stations and podcasts and pointing out things to each other as we drive along. You translated words I already knew but what is a ‘tejano’?

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    1. I love those old mixed tapes. If only I still had a cassette player. Sounds like a wonderful accompaniment to driving. A tejano is a person of Spanish or Mexican descent who is from Texas. Often the family has lived in Texas from before it belonged to the US. Actress Eva Longoria is an 8th generation Texan (tejana)!


  2. This photo is lovely – reminds me of driving through Vermont. I love singing along with my iPod collection on long trips. (Even on airplanes, I have a hard time singing/humming quietly!) I have also shot hundreds of photographs while driving. (Dangerous, I know. I don’t recommend anyone trying it.) Nice post – it makes me long for the road! 🌞

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Lisa. Yes, Vermont has lovely farms. I like singing along too, even though my tuning is off when I wear headphones! It is so tempting to take photos on the road driving. I try to resist the temptation, or pull over. I was the passenger when I took this one. : )

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  3. This reminds me of my childhood when we drove up through the center of Wisconsin every summer on highway 51. I don’t know what the speed limits were in those days, but my father’s 1936 Oldsmobile couldn’t go very fast in any case, and it used to boil over on long hills.

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  4. Ah …. taking the scenic route on a road trip …. bliss!
    We miss our annual road trip from Singapore to Ipoh, Malaysia to visit family. It is an 8 hour journey (with rest stops included) and we all love it! Loving Husband loves driving, the kids mostly sleep, and we catch up on podcasts.

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