Rose of Sharon’s an August Bloom

This is our Midwestern hibiscus! I love it’s tropical look and bright shade of pink. I confess, the Rose of Sharon tree in the photos is the daughter of the original that grew near our place. She is not an only child, however! Several robust sisters surround her. Each Rose of Sharon is prolific; the pollinated flowers yield a hand full of seeds. Trees are covered in thirty blossoms at least. In this case, it is fortunate the new trees are doing well, since carpenter ants finished off the mother plant. To date, I have given away six four-foot high Rose of Sharons and have two new six-foot specimens blooming away.

Rose of Sharon Blossom Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

My favorite memory of the original tree is an August evening’s gathering where five writers and I read our stories aloud, with the flowering Rose of Sharon as a splendid backdrop. As dusk fell, shadows flitted over the listeners’ heads. A murmur of surprise. I felt a light touch skim my hair. Bats! They weren’t on the original invitation but they were very welcome guests. They harvested mosquitoes and added mystery to the atmosphere. We laughed and continued our party of words, giving thanks to the little winged mammals who had joined us.

Do you have a bat story? Is it funny or scary?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Rose of Sharon Bud, Flower and Spent Bloom Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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Revised from the August 15, 2020 post.

Rebecca Cuningham

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