FOTD: Satellite Dish or Hibiscus Bloom?

Thankfully, my wobbly ankle is now up to half mile walks. I have my favorite spin I take near the bike path wending a rectangular path from our house and back again. Two days ago I saw a magnificent hibiscus on the residential street parallel to ours. These flowers are a theme on Cee’s site this week. I checked the plant for buds, hoping it would be in bloom when I returned another day with my camera.

Pink hibiscus Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I was in luck, there were at least 10 buds. Today, I was back camera in hand and the bush was gorgeous. I didn’t grow up with such tropical plants outdoors in Minnesota, did I? Perhaps I didn’t notice in my pre-gardening days.

Hibiscus heart. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

If you’re having trouble with your television reception, let me know. I bet I could set you up with one of these on your roof.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

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Rebecca Cuningham

12 thoughts on “FOTD: Satellite Dish or Hibiscus Bloom?

  1. I grew up in a tropical city with hibiscus hedges of all colors on every residential street. A neighbor has a red hibiscus plant in his garden plot, but during the winter months it gets totally covered in an awful-looking fungus.

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