Olbrich Gardens Gleam 2021

We made our yearly pilgrimage to our local botanical garden’s amazing fall show. The evening temperature was perfect to enjoy this outdoor program. We were greeted by a rainbow angel as we entered the exhibit. Her bright wings were beauties to behold.

Rainbow Angel on Stilts Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The first exhibit we saw was a rainbow light tree. We could see it in the distance as we walked the grounds as well.

Rainbow Tree Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We walked down a brick pathway and a mysterious blue jellyfish floated in front of us and sped away.

Mysterious Jellyfish Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Next we saw lovely butterfly light projections.

Butterfly Mirage Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The simple technology behind the colorful projection:

Butterfly Light Screen Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Even ornamental grass showed its soft beauty in the light at night.

Ornamental Grass Plus Light Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We were so surprised when we turned the corner and fish swam by! Clever slivers of projection screens showed us slices of underwater life.

Night Swimmers Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We walked over a wooden bridge and discovered where Poseidon has hidden all these years.

Mermaid Palace Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We finished the night with a swing on a great kinetic sculpture. The swings generate energy that makes the rainbow above glow!

Rainbow Bright Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

This was our evening of bliss, before we found out the news Sunday of my father in law’s passing. Gracias for all your support during this challenging time. We appreciate your comments. –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

24 thoughts on “Olbrich Gardens Gleam 2021

  1. How magical! There’s something truly ethereal about light shows, especially at night, that makes you forget about the stress and reality of daytime, and to be able to step back and dream. Olbrich Gardens Gleam looks like a really neat local exhibition!

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