Berry Good?

Harvest time has arrived in Madison. Berries for the birds and lovely fruits of the vine; a Cucurbita moschata for the humans. I picked our debut Butternut squash yesterday. This was our first year growing them and I wasn’t completely sure when it was ripe. I knew I wanted us to eat it, rather than the squirrels or chipmunks who’ve decimated our green beans to the nubbins. It looked like I remembered from shopping trips last fall…

Butternut squash #1 Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I took a chance and removed it from the vine. After washing it, I cut it open and found a beautiful orange color. I called out excitedly, “It’s ripe! It’s ripe!” Our 12 year old has helped weed the garden, so they were duly proud of our produce too.

Cut Butternut Squash Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Butternut Squash Soup

I peeled off the skin, cut the squash into cubes, and dropped them into 3 quarts of a pre-made soup broth (about 3000 mL). I measured out 1/2 tsp each of my favorite Indian spices; cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin and turmeric. I added a dash of savory because it is high in calcium. Salt and pepper, and a dash of tamari go into almost every dish I make. Once the squash was soft, I used our immersion blender to make a smooth soup. The whole family loved it.

I am thankful that the original inhabitants of the Americas developed the crops we eat every day. The indigenous people in present day Oaxaca, Mexico developed squash in 8000 BCE. A partial list of food plants from indigenous agriculture that now feed the world are; potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, corn, chocolate, pineapples, sunflowers, avocados, peanuts, cashews and many more.

Squash Soup Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

What are your favorite meals of the season?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Fall Bird Berries Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

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  1. I suddenly realised today I’ve not seen your blog for ages. Notifications haven’t been appearing in my in box. I’ve missed you, but assumed you were taking time out. Apparently not. Glad to have found you again!

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