5 Pictures I Had to Take

Before I owned a phone with a camera, I think I would take walks without pausing, unless natural beauty stopped me in my tracks. Now, if I see an enchanting image, my phone is in my hand before conscious thought puts it there. Am I smelling more roses? I think I may be. Can’t say that’s an effect of the technology I expected.

Sights I couldn’t pass up in the last week:

  1. Window Decoration
Spider Web Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

2. Beautiful Weeds

Chicory Plant Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

3. Unlikely Mailbox

Igloo Cooler Mailbox Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

4. Gleam Reprise: We returned to the light show!

Rainbow Tree Reprise Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

5. Multicolor Leaf

Red Green Oak Leaf Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

What sights have stopped you in your tracks this week? Any photos to share?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Part of Cee’s Flower of the Day. #FOTD

Rebecca Cuningham

36 thoughts on “5 Pictures I Had to Take

  1. I like the photos you shared. That spider web picture reminded me it’s almost that time of year here, too. And you had a light snow this week? Reminds me of my college years in the mountains. Seeing four deer close in our backyard stopped me in my tracks at the kitchen window the other day. Another thing that stopped me in my tracks was seeing that while we were peacefully asleep one night, deer devoured our two hydrangea bushes by our porch. I guess those green leaves and beautiful purple blooms just past their peak were just too much temptation. Between the rabbits eating our gladiolas as soon as they sprouted and the deer eating our hydrangeas, lily of the valley, and some of our azaleas this summer, it’s been a challenge to maintain our yard. We love seeing the wildlife. Just wish they didn’t eat our flowers! LOL!

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Janet. No snow for us yet. The temperatures are dropping to 50 in the evenings though. Gosh, so sorry to hear about the hydrangeas and gladiolas! Wish the wildlife didn’t have such a high floral price tag. Will the hydrangeas come back next year? Maybe they need dried habanero chiles as decoration. 😉


      1. I’ll be posting it as part of a series. I haven’t yet uploaded it anywhere – I found it on an external drive of my 2018 archives. I must have known it would come in handy eventually. Never look a gift flamingo in the mouth as they say! Why is there no flamingo emoji?

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