Madison Parks Coyote 1 – Geese 0

Eagle and I ate lunch near Lake Wingra today. We saw an animal next to the baseball fence on the grass. “I think it’s a dog,” I said. Eagle said, “No, Mom. I’m sure it’s a statue.” As we stood alongside it, I saw they were right. It was a coyote decoy!

Coyote Decoy and Sign. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The sign next to it read:

Do Not Disturb. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Looking over the shoulder of the coyote toward the water, we see this measure is 100% effective! The geese that spent their days near the beach have moved on to safer shores. Even better, their odiferous round deposits are no longer underfoot. I’m thankful for this clever deterrent. This is the first coyote decoy we’ve seen.

Coyote and Beyond. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

It was a beautiful day for a picnic.

Lake Wingra Minus Geese. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

There are plenty of lakes and waterways for the geese to inhabit in areas of Wisconsin less populated by humans. However, the huge numbers of geese that we see in cities are a symptom of a system out of balance due to humans destroying their natural predators, the real coyotes.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

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