The Art of Blue Tape (Painterly Lines)

Summer 2020, a time of hibernation and long walks. Eagle and I walked toward Lake Mendota and saw colorful chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

Pink green orange and blue Modrian chalk square Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I realized that the spots without chalk were made with blue painter’s tape lines.

6-Pointed Star Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I tried it out the next day on our sidewalk, in a tribute to mail carriers. Thank you for keeping us in touch with the world.

Abstract Letter. Photo and Art: Rebecca Cuningham

These lines in squares are for Becky’s past squares photo challenge.

For more equilateral photos from near and far, see Becky’s Squares.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Becky B’s Squares Logo Photo: Becky B and Friends


Rebecca Cuningham

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