Kinda Spooky, These 3

Halloween is a staple of US culture; costumes, candy, decorating windows and yards. The roots are in Ireland and England, but we’ve added our own twists. So glad we learned about pumpkins from the first peoples of the Americas, root vegetables like turnips would be much more difficult to carve! A few examples of the holiday decor within a mile of our house.

Witch and Pumpkin Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Halloween Ahoy! Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Finally, the place our child has named “The Halloween House.” It’s earned its name by remaining decorated with a Halloween theme for five years straight with no time off. Last year it was an enormous spider web and spider on the front. This year there are multiple ghosts, skeletons, a bottle tree, gargoyle and a sign that says Every Day is Halloween!

“The Halloween House” Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Becky B’s Past Squares, the past theme is “kinda.”


Becky B’s Squares Logo Photo: Becky B and Friends
Rebecca Cuningham

30 thoughts on “Kinda Spooky, These 3

  1. In the apartment complex where I live, we’ve had a few cases of the coronavirus among fully vaccinated neighbors. As a result, for a second year in a row, we won’t be holding our pumpkin carving competition and sharing a potluck meal together. I miss that.

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