The Trouble with Tribbles?

Could it be? Tribbles are multiplying in Madison? As we were walking to mail a letter in a nearby post office box, I saw a batch of tribbles!

Tribble Mitosis? Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Next thing I knew, where there had been one, there were two!

Double Tribble Trouble Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Have you ever seen a tribble?

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For Becky B’s Past Squares; spiky.

Becky B’s Squares Logo Photo: Becky B and Friends
Rebecca Cuningham

22 thoughts on “The Trouble with Tribbles?

    1. Hi Margaret, not a Star Trek fan? You are of course correct in that they are chestnuts. They do look a lot like the round ball of fluff pets on Star Trek the original series that multiply and take over the Enterprise ship.


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