5 Fall Flowers Before It Freezes

I dashed around the garden this afternoon, camera in hand. Tonight our temperature will be 4 C (39F). We are heading into a freeze that will put the blooms to bed for the winter. I’ll share what I found:

One of three phlox plants blooming

Phlox throw Shadows Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

One of a handful of aster plants which continue to sport purple petals.

Purple Asters Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

A squash blossom that it may be harvested and fried…

Zucchini Squash Bloom Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Guess which of the four raspberries was eaten by the photographer?

Late Raspberries Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

A perennial fall favorite that gives us dried flowers to see all winter.

Autumn Glory Seedum Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Speaking of flowers, remember to enter the Fake Flamenco October Poetry Challenge! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post celebrates Six Word Saturday, Flower of the Day and Past Squares; flowers #15, #16, #17, #18 and #19.

#6WS #FOTD #pastsquares

Becky B’s Squares Logo Photo: Becky B and Friends
Rebecca Cuningham

26 thoughts on “5 Fall Flowers Before It Freezes

  1. I love that you can dry some for winter-long appreciation. Friends celebrating their 50th anniversary taught me how to hang roses upside down for drying. The fact that the couple’s last name was Rose always brought a smile. Great post. Best, Babsje

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    1. Thanks for the tip, Babsje. I didn’t know that. I tend to dry them flat and the petals would look more attractive if they were hung upsidedown to dry as your friends suggested. If I’m lucky enough to get one more bloom this fall, I’ll try out this tip. Cute detail about their last name!

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      1. You’re welcome! With roses, hanging them upside down to dry keeps them perfectly 3D. I also do that with Hydrangeas. The Roses were a delightful couple. Her name was Rosalyn and she went by Ros Rose. They took the Queen Mary to Europe for their Grand Tour honeymoon before the War. The First World War. They were quite the couple.

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  2. I’ve still got a few roses, but very faded, lots of begonias, and some daisy-like flowers (Osteopernums?) but winter isn;t far away. We’ve had an Indian Summer and hate to think it is on the wave but apparently heavy rain is due all next week so that will reduce the blossoms to nothing. Never mind, each season brings it’s own loveliness and the berries are already coming into their own.

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  3. Fall barely arrived a month ago, but temperatures are sure dropping! I was just in Utah this past week, and it’s already snowing! Glad you got to capture the flourishing flowers while they still last. 🙂


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