Back Yard Mystery Guest Number 2

As I was heading out the door to pick up Eagle from school, I saw an animal in the back yard. This time it was one with a furry tail. The creature was standing near the spot where I saw the opossum the other day. Are we becoming a wildlife corridor?

In the sixteen years we have lived here, we’ve seen chipmunks, squirrels, a woodchuck, mice, a vole, many rabbits, a hawk, a pair of cardinals, crows, sparrows, a goldfinch, chickadees, and doves in our back yard. Yet, until this month we’ve never observed an opossum or the animal in the photos below.

Below is my first, run for the camera shot through the back porch screen. This photo shows the classic raccoon tail. This poor juvenile was looking thin, because she’d lost a lot of fur. She was scratching herself determinedly.

Raccoon! Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I went outside cautiously to get a better shot.

Juvenile Raccoon Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The shutter noise of my phone camera disturbed the raccoon. So she took a stance. I was behind a fence, twenty feet away. She let me know she wanted me quiet. From her bedraggled look, I’d say she’s feeling blue, because of her mange.

Raccoon Standing Her Ground Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Have you seen animals you were surprised lived in the city? I suppose raccoons are not rare in cities, I just hadn’t seen one in my back yard before. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Poetry Challenge: One day left to turn in your flower poems, see the details here: October Poetry Challenge/Reto poético de octubre.

This post celebrates Six Word Saturday and Past Squares #22: blue.

#6WS #pastsquares

Becky B’s Squares Logo Photo: Becky B and Friends
Rebecca Cuningham

61 thoughts on “Back Yard Mystery Guest Number 2

    1. Thanks for your message, Kelly. The trash can raiding was common in the midwest until we started using the standardized cans the trucks pick up with a mechanical arm. I bet the escaped pythons in FL like the variety on the menu. 😉

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Trent. The raccoon was walking with stiff legs and kept stopping to scratch. It looked sickly and gaunt and just wanted to sleep. I was worried it had rabies, and there are a lot of kids, cats and dogs about. My husband called Animal Control. The person was out within the hour to observe the animal and diagnosed mange. I saved a bit of drama for the comments!

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    1. Well, I’m not surprised how kind-hearted you are Becky. I would not feed a wild animal, especially a raccoon that lives near my house because they are known to burrow into homes and live in the walls and they can have rabies. Evan’s aunt had an enormous raccoon family that moved into her attic and did thousands of dollars of damage. Eek!

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  1. I’ve lived most of my life out in the country, but I spent a few years in my young adulthood in the small city of Lumberton, North Carolina. The surprise on my concrete patio one day was a rattlesnake. Not good!

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  2. Here where I live there are a lot of wild cats, and now there are also a lot of foxes coming into the city, but I havent had one come into my garden, although I did have 2 wild cats come in my garden. Xx

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  3. I saw deer right smack in the middle of our town. We have about 56,000 people in the city I live in an entire family of deer was right in the middle of town helping themselves to some bark. Cars were stopped taking pictures, everything stopped for a moment and it was amazing. I also have had raccoons in our apartment dumpster. Great pictures!

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Rose. There are deer that have made a home in Minneapolis near where my parents live! Here we have a lot of turkey and crane sightings that stop cars. Glad we haven’t crowded out nature entirely. : )


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