1 Afternoon Near Lake Michigan

Eagle and I traveled to Milwaukee last weekend! We spent Sunday at their favorite nature center, Schlitz Audubon, 15 miles (24K) north of the city. We saw deer, a large turkey, and a red squirrel on our hike. Reading the trail map, Eagle guided me down the steep hill to the great lake. We spent several bracing minutes enjoying the endless view of water, going past the horizon as if it were an ocean.

Lake Michigan Shore and Sky Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The waves were rough, due to the wind and slightly snowy conditions!

Lake Michigan Waves Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

For readers outside the US, here is a map of the Great Lakes around Wisconsin and Michigan. Madison is in south central Wisconsin and Milwaukee is 1.5 hours east of it on Lake Michigan.

1860 Mitchell Map of Michigan and Wisconsin Image: SA Mitchell

After communing with the lake, we hiked up the hill and over to Mystery Pond. I like the curve of the boardwalk along the edge of it. Although the small flakes didn’t show up in the photo, it was lightly snowing.

Mystery Pond Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Next on Eagle’s agenda was the large ravine. We hiked through the forest to find it.

The Big Ravine Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

When we were kids, my sister and I would gather leaves on the sidewalk and crow about “my nest is best.” This sweet nest was the best Eagle and I saw all day.

Bird’s Nest Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Thanks for traveling with us to the Audubon Center in late autumn. More photos next week of the nature center creatures and of the Milwaukee immersive Van Gogh exhibit! ¡Olé! –Rebecca


Rebecca Cuningham

25 thoughts on “1 Afternoon Near Lake Michigan

  1. Interesting post, Rebecca. My daughter and her family live just north of Milwaukee and they enjoying visiting nature reserves so I’m wondering if they have been to this one. I’ll have to ask them. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. What abundant fall leaves and colors! Never been to that part of the US yet, but after reading your article, I’d be curious in checking out the Lake Michigan area someday– especially in the fall, when it’s reputed to be absolutely stunning (as confirmed in your photos!).

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