Lake Waubesa: Hiking into the Sunset

Another great weekend after lunch hike, this time south of the city at Lake Farm County Park. I carried my heavier camera, because I liked the photos from the previous walk at Indian Lake. This past Sunday, we set off hiking through a small forest with friends. During our first jaunt down the path, I saw a bird family’s former home. Who’s nest was this?

Bird’s Nest Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

After a couple of miles we came upon an enormous bridge that connects Lake Farm County Park to the village of McFarland, along the wetlands of Lake Waubesa. It’s part of the Lower Yahara River trail. Once we reached the other side, Eagle was famished from the three mile (5K) walk. We ate a 3 pm dinner in McFarland. The Green Lantern there is a great restaurant for fish. We ordered grilled salmon take out and ate it at a picnic table in McDaniel Park on the McFarland side the bridge. Our friends weren’t hungry and kept hiking.

Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge, Lake Waubesa Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

This was the view from our picnic table as we ate. This restaurant has atmosphere!

Duck, Duck, Goose. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

As we returned along the one mile bridge, the clouds started flirting with the sun. I think this is my favorite time of day, where the clouds and sun mirror themselves in the water.

Sun Dot and Clouds Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

I would have liked to join the paddler on the golden water.

Distant Boat and Nearby Ducks Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

The clouds were in constant motion, perhaps due to the cold front coming into Madison.

Clouds and sky Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Near the end of the bridge, I went to take a photo of three ducks. As I swiveled the camera to the ready, I realized one of them was a muskrat!

Muskrat to the Right, Two Ducks to the Left Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We wandered the paths that led from the bridge to the parking area. The sun was setting. Would we reach the hike’s end before dark?

Tree with Seeds Against the Sky Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Sunset comes early this time of year in Madison. About 4:20 pm pink clouds began to glow.

Setting Sun Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We arrived at our car just as darkness fell. Since it was another 5K later, we ate an apple snack in the car. Then Eagle asked when our real dinner would be. Day in the life of a tween!

What time of day do you like best for the quality of light?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

38 thoughts on “Lake Waubesa: Hiking into the Sunset

      1. Adds not only to the quality of the photos, but to the amount of exercise too.. lol. I often hike, kayak, etc. with a larger SLR (has to be to be waterproof) with a telephoto lens, so I sympathize, and understand….

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    1. Thank you, Suzette. When ducks are swimming peacefully, it is like all is right with the world. Are there many waterfowl where you live in Canada? I think of Canada as good habitat for them.


      1. They do make their presence known, It’s a joyful sound. Several of the effigy mounds around our lakes created 1000 years ago have flying geese shapes, which makes me realize the long timeline of their flights and migration. 🙂


  1. What a perfect hike, A good walk in good company with good food too. I don’t mind about the time of day for photos. They all have their qualities. But yesterday was special – clear and cold and bright, it was wonderful light. And I didn’t have my camera. Only my phone …

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  2. Sunset, aka the golden hour, is definitely the best time of day to capture dramatic light– second would be sunrise. Looks like another scenic stroll in your neck of the woods!

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