1 Shelf for a Large Tome

Wisconsin seems to specialize in shelf mushrooms. I’ve seen smaller ones in Minnesota and north of Madison, but this beauty takes the cake! We found it hiking in Lake Farm Park here in Wisconsin.

Shelf Mushroom Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Do many mushrooms grow on trees in your neck of the wood?

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Rebecca Cuningham

35 thoughts on “1 Shelf for a Large Tome

      1. I think they are delicious, and yes, they are so important! Have you seen the movie, Fantastic Fungi? My daughter and I watched it a few years ago at an independent theater in Oregon. Fascinating!

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  1. This year friends had puffball mushrooms popping up in their yard. Some thought they were toxic but several people were eating them. Would expect lots more info on poisonous vs. Edible when they proliferate in yards..

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    1. I’ve looked online and don’t believe these are edible. Another tree bark mushroom called Chicken of the Woods for its yellow and orange color is edible and easy to identify. Sounds like the puff mushrooms my friend Mary was discussing, can be edible but I wouldn’t eat wild mushrooms without a guide who knew their subject very well. : )

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  2. Great pic! I love the diverse mushroom world! Have you seen the documentary, “Fantastic Mushrooms”? So good. And I just bought Merlin Sheldrake’s book, “Entangled Life” (about the importance of mushrooms and fungi in our world).

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