1 Dried Flower Bouquet

Walking home from an appointment at our neighborhood hair salon today, I felt the tropical storm like unseasonable weather, 19C (67F) and 90% humidity rather than 0C (32F) and snow. Although it was too warm for a coat, I wore one in case the scattered rain from the morning returned. When I reached the end of our block, I saw flowers.

A year or two ago, a neighbor helped out a busy young couple by planting a beautiful little triangle garden, a tasty single slice of pie. Plants are our neighbor’s business and the plot looks great all summer. Even now, spent blooms are lovely to see. I stopped to admire them.

Dried Flower 2. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Dried Flower 3. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Dried Flower 1. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

A bouquet for you! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Tis the season for solstice poems. See what the poets are up to this spin of the globe.

This post celebrates Flower of the Day.


Rebecca Cuningham

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