Our Sunset at 70 mph (112 kph)

Eagle and I are back from Minneapolis! We saw a beautiful Nutcracker performance that Eagle’s cousin was a part of as a student ballerina. She was in the flowers and snow dances on pointe! So fun to see. As we were driving back to Madison, going as fast as the law allows to make it home by dark, we saw a gorgeous sunset. I asked Eagle to take photos. They sure did, at least 200! Thank goodness for digital technology, no film or developing costs and they were able to practice their photography. See what you think.

I will share the 8 I like best.

Sunset Through the Car Window Photo: Eagle
Yellow Sign and Sunset Photo: Eagle
Window Sunset Frame Photo: Eagle
Impressionist Sunset Photo: Eagle
Sunset Over the Field Photo: Eagle
Sunset Over City Streets Photo: Eagle
Sunset Over the Suburbs Photo: Eagle
Airport at Sunset Photo: Eagle

We were 15 minutes from our home within two miles of the capitol when our solar companion took its final dip beneath the horizon. I call that good timing. Thanks to Eagle for recording our views of the sunset!

Thanks to our readers for traveling with us. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

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