New Illuminated Tower on Gaudi’s Masterpiece

Gaudí’s incredible architecture has a new illuminated feature visible from land and sea. The 12-pointed star that crowns Mary’s tower of the Sagrada Familia was lit up for the first time on the traditional date of the commemoration of Mary, on December 8th, along with her tower’s 800 windows. The 138 m (453′) tall tower that supports the five ton star is the first to built since the 1970s.

Mary’s Tower Photo:

Whether or not we share the beliefs of the Catholic church, the design and visual splendor of the church by Antonio Gaudí in Barcelona are impressive. My favorite quote of the master architect when asked when the building would be finished, over 100 years ago, was, “My client is not in a hurry.”

If you would like to see the tower lit up for the first time, click on the next words; short video.

Mary’s Tower Illuminated Photo:

I got a chance to visit the Sagrada Familia church under construction in 1987. To see my photos, click on the word Barcelona. Amazing to see the progress in the past thirty years!

What is the most decoratively splendid building you have seen?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

P.S. On the Sagrada Familia website, they mention their Covid precautions. However, the phrase “amigo falso” (false friend) came to mind for the way they said it, check their note; sanity versus sanitary! I hope the sanity rules aren’t too strict. –RC

[“Covid-19: To ensure your health, Sagrada Familia is applying all health and sanity measures established by the Ministry of Health. Check here sanity rules for visitor.”]

Rebecca Cuningham

29 thoughts on “New Illuminated Tower on Gaudi’s Masterpiece

  1. Ah, I was so happy to see that star on top! We visited about 15 years ago. I hope we can one day see that amazing Gaudi church again. Thank you. Just a joke but I really did think Harrods all lit up and in the distance was the Palace! I was then disappointed by Buckingham Palace that night! ( Harrods is a department store in London)

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  2. As you see, the inhabitants of Barcelona are not so enamoured I have mixed reactions to the church these days. It seems to have got divorced from the original concept, and the melee constantly round the cathedral is more reminiscent of a football crowd. If I lived near there, and were a Catholic, it wouldn’t be my place of worship. Though of course it’s always a fascinating place to see.

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  3. I’ve visited the Sagrada Familia on two separate occasions, and 10 years apart from each other (2006 and 2016). COVID-19 and travel restrictions aside, I hope to make it back in 2026 to see that new tower addition to the famed landmark of Barcelona. Such a great masterpiece from a great genius as Gaudi himself!


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