Should I Wear a Kevlar Vest?

Wonderful walk at the Arboretum last Saturday, when we came upon this mysterious sign. Seems that frolicking deer are out of control. Or is it we humans?

Deer Control Sign Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

We stayed on the trail, as recommended. Next time we’ll wear orange coats!

Birch Trees Along the Path. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

How would you react to the sign? Are there many deer near where you live? ¡Olé! -Rebecca

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Snowy Walking Trail. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

40 thoughts on “Should I Wear a Kevlar Vest?

  1. No frolicking deer anywhere in my area but I know they can be dangerous at rutting time, but I think the National Park near me closes off a large area to protect the public. After that, it’s up to us!

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  2. We have massed deer in Studley Royal deer park nearby, and wild deer secretly living out their lives all over the area. I guess the signs are to protect the deer, not us. Some humans s get disturbingly close to these nervy creatures, and allow their dogs to get even closer. Rutting time, as Maris suggests, is a different thing altogether. Stay out of the way!

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  3. Hi Rebecca I think the 🦌deers were looking out for you. What a gorgeous snow walk. I wrote a contribution for tomorrow but it is on my post “Orange and Green from the garden.” I still haven’t worked out how to send it to you. Could you please take it from post. 🙂❤Please.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Rupali. Very interesting to know about similar signs in Norway (and England from other commenters)! We did not see any deer. I haven’t seen any at the Arboretum in the 10 years I’ve hiked there. Now I’m curious about their population size.

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  4. There are three species of deer who can be encountered near the place I live: the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), the European fallow deer (Dama dama), and the red deer (Cervus elaphus). They do not get along well, so thay can’t usually be encountered in the same place. The red deer is the dominant, and the biggest; it lives in the mountains, or close to them. The fallow deer is not native, it was colonized mostly in hunting parks with no natural predators, but the archaeologists found it also lived here some thousands of years ago.

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      1. Yes, these are the species in Romania. For now, the fallow deer lives only in the western and southern regions, because it doesn’t like heavy snow and is more vulnerable to predators such as wolves or lynxes. But we have less and less snow in winters, it’s getting warmer here too.

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  5. We have lots of deer now where I live. I didn’t see one in the wild until I was well in my 20s. It’s not unusual to see four or more at a time in our yard now, and I’ve seen as many as 12 or 14 at one time. I hold my breath when I see one crossing the road. I live out in the country and speeding is a problem on our roads. Deer are beautiful, but they’re getting more and more destructive around here as the woods are being cut down to make room for thousands of houses. We gave up having a vegetable garden a few years ago because the deer ate everything. This year, though, they ate our hydrangeas, azaleas, and gladiolas. I’m afraid they can’t find enough to eat in the woods now. It’s getting to be a problem, but I hate to see them get shot just to control their numbers. It’s not their fault! I think the sign you encountered was a little vague — especially for someone whose native language isn’t English.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Janet. That’s quite a vegetarian rampage there! Sorry the deer have munched your garden so. Difficult to know what to do now that we are their primary predator. Perhaps we humans could reproduce less to leave room for wolves? 😉


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