January 2022 Poetry Challenge Participants

Thank you to all the poets who spun their haiku verses this month! I appreciate the writers near and far who crafted their poems for the challenge. Eleven poets from five or more countries joined in for January’s challenge, many with their own photos. I believed that a haiga was simply a poem with an image, although I’ve learned that formally it’s a poem on an image. Thanks to Colleen for the clarification. The challenge results were wonderful, thanks writers/photographers! Click on the poet’s name to read more of their work.

Gracias a todos los poetas que tejieron sus versos haiku este mes. Aprecio los escritores cercanos y lejanos quienes crearon sus poemas para el Reto poético. Once poetas de al menos 5 paises contribuyeron su poesía en el Reto poético de enero, muchos con fotos propias. Tuve la impresión de que una haiga era un poema con un imagen, pero aprendí que más formalmente es un poema sobre un imagen. Gracias a Colleen para clarificarlo. Los resultados del reto eran maravillosos, gracias a los escritores/fotógrafos. Haz un clic en el nombre del poeta para leer más de su obra.

Lake Michigan Fossil Rock. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham


Tiny fossil rock,
a force of nature put you
gently on my desk… 


Pequeño fósil
fuerza de naturaleza
lo trajo aquí

–Nautilus (traducción por Rebecca)

Snowy White Owl Photo: Trent

United States: New Hampshire

strike of a new year
radiant white and unformed
the future unfolds


Año agarrado
blancura indefinida
abre el futuro
–Trent (traducción por Rebecca)

Mountain View Photo: Enchanted Words


“Who are you? He asked
And I let a few years pass
Then replied, “Complete”

–Enchanted Words

¿Quién eres? Ruega
Tardaba yo varios años y
le dije “Complet@”

Enchanted Words (traducción por Rebecca)

Bird in Autumn Forest Image credit: lucizoe / Twenty20


Title: Change

shedding currency
woods full of spare change
fill autumn’s pockets

–Suzette Benjamin

Título: Cambio

corriente cae
cambios bruscos forestales
llenan bolsillos

–Suzette Benjamin (traducción por Rebecca)

Les Mis Photo: Aggie Soon

England (by way of Australia)

One day to a new
beginning. Will you raise the
flag of freedom high?

Aggie Soon with Les Miserable lyrics respun

La noche vieja
viene el comienzo nuevo.
¿La pondrás en alto? (la bandera de la libertad)

–Aggie Soon con letra de Les Miserable (traducción por Rebecca)

Shadow & Light Trees Photo: Margaret


This year, no route march,
Instead I’ll wander, breathe, gaze…
Enjoy the moment.


Año sin prisa
vago, respiro, miro…
Gozo el momento.
–Margaret (traducción por Rebecca)

Garden Seedum in Leaves Photo: Sandy

United States

Less me, more other
Daily kindness, the action
Simplicity “IN!”


Menos del yo, más
bondad para los demás
¡Pura sencillez!

–Sandy (traducción por Rebecca)

Palm Tree Photo: Harvee Lau

World Poets

Cold my heart and room,
Green leaves against a blue sky
Waft in warm breezes

Harvee Lau, January 8, 2022

Todo está frío,
Verde hoja, cielo azulino
Traen brisas cálidas

– Harvee Lau (traducción por Rebecca)

Lake Michigan Fossil Rock. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

My demarcations
Hidden unlike the fossil


mías al contrario del fósil
(Escondidas y) Apreciadas
–Lauren (traducción por Rebecca)

Photo: Kate Lynne

United States: Minnesota

How brightly you shine
Illuminating the sky
Cold, winter morning

–Brad and Kate Lynne

Cuanto brillas al
iluminar el cielo
mañana fría

–Brad and Kate Lynne (traducción por Rebecca)

Freezing Waters Photo: Susan P.

United States: Wisconsin

Waves wear rocky shore
Flowing water solid ice
Always becoming

–Susan P

Puliendo piedras
Agua corre al hielo

–Susan P (traducción por Rebecca)

Thanks for reading and writing these fantastic poems! If you have a moment, the poets appreciate your feedback in the comments very much. Hope to see you in February for our next poetry challenge. ¡Gracias! ¡Olé!

Gracias por leer y escribir estos poemas fantásticos. Si tengas un momento, los poetas aprecian mucho tus comentarios en el espacio abajo. Esperamos verles en febrero para el próximo reto poético ¡Gracias! ¡Olé!

Rebecca Cuningham

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  1. This was a great challenge. What I like about it is the way we are obliged to work with a poetic form we may never have used – it’s enriching, if difficult. But this is one that speaks to me and I hope I’ll do more. I wish I were technically able to impose the words on the image, as the original haiga writers did! I couldn’t comment on the last few poems as comments on their blogs were closed. WP seems to do that to my post s too, and I can’t seem to change it Very annoying!

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    1. Thanks so much, Margaret. I appreciate your feedback. I admit I don’t have the technical savvy to place the words on the image either. I do , however, know how you can open up your comments longer. The quick cap wasn’t for me, so here’s what I did. Go to the w in a circle wordpress menu on the top far left. You’ll need to click on it twice or it will only show you a partial statistics page. Scroll down the menu to near the end to where it says”Discussion Settings.” Click on that, then in the second section you’ll see a setting for “automatically close comments”. Click on the toggle switch to turn that off! Tell me if that helps. Thanks for searching for others poems! 🙂 R


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