9 Best Posts of 2021

Blogging can be a haven from the torrential rains of living, particularly at this point of time. If I can distract you for a moment, share a new idea, add a smiling moment, then I am very happy. In 2021, our number of followers climbed to its highest point. I appreciate each visitor from all 124 countries. Thank you for a fantastic year at Fake Flamenco.

I present you with our *9 Best Of 2021*; 3 most viewed, 3 personal favorites and 3 classic posts that generate interest more than a year after their debut.

Most viewed posts from 2021

Ice Fishing Village. Photo: Rebecca

*New Lake Monona Ice Fishing Village

Winter tree. Photo: Rebecca

*December 2021 Poetry Challenge

Governor Pico Photo: US Library of Congress

*Who Was the Last Black Governor of California?

My personal favorites

Flamenco Dancer Art: El Bouamraoui and K.P. Moletsane

*What the Heck is Fake Flamenco?

Sonora Desert Photo: gailhampshire

*The 36 Remarkable Women of the Anza Expedition

Red Green Oak Leaf Photo: Rebecca

*5 Pictures I Had to Take

Perennial Posts

Childhood Diaries Photo: RC

*Poetry Path

Medicine Owl 1910 Photo: Bain News Service

*Were Horses Extinct in the Americas?

20 Nicaraguan Córdobas (1940 ) Photo: Around the World in 80 Currencies

*Rafaela Herrera Defeats the British Navy

Thanks to our three top referrers; Trina (626), Becky B (119) and Debbie (103) for generously directing readers to Fake Flamenco! Gracias to all of you for reading, liking, and commenting on posts.

How is your new year starting off? –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

8 thoughts on “9 Best Posts of 2021

  1. Great posts! I believe I read all of them in the past year. I had a slight hiccup with my 2022 year starting off (i.e. I got COVID), but now I’ve rebounded and I’m determined to make this year a solid one! Courage to you for this new year’s endeavors!

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    1. Try hanks, Rebecca. Very kind of you to have read them all. Sorry to hear the dreaded omicron snuck up on you! Hope you are beginning to feel better. I believe you when you say you’ll make this year a solid one. What plans do you have cooking?

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  2. I’m not someone who delves into my stats. I’m not even sure how I could retrieve the kind of info. you’ve found. But I enjoy the range of your posts – everything from poetry to politics to plodding up hillsides. Keep ’em coming!

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