Ice Fishing Leaves Boat House Forlorn

Ice fishing is alive and well in 2022; nearly the perfect sport for the times! It’s outdoors, you can set up a private shelter and socialize with people whose vaccine status match yours.* Drink your favorite beverages and eat salty snacks as you wait for the fish to bite.

*Irony, because we have friends and family on both sides of the issue.

Ice Fishing on Monona Bay. Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

Where we live in Madison, Wisconsin, the end of December and beginning of January the weather is constantly below 0*C. The top layer of the lakes freeze solid enough that people walk, skate, ski and fish on them. Some people even drive on them…

Winter Fishing in Madison. Photo: RC

Right next to the ice fishing scene of the earlier photos is a building that looks sadly underutilized this afternoon. Madison Boats is where a friend and I went to rent a canoe last summer. The shutters were closed today. Maybe they should sell bait and snacks this time of year?

Blue Boat House. Photo: RC

Canoe anyone? Sorry, nowhere to paddle at the moment.

Canoes for Rent. Photo: RC

Tell you a secret, maybe you won’t believe it…we Midwesterners walk on water. (Ok, just in winter.) ¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday. Click on the word six in the previous sentence for some great photos! #6WS

Rebecca Cuningham

22 thoughts on “Ice Fishing Leaves Boat House Forlorn

  1. Well … walking on water isn’t for us, though it used to be back when the Thames froze hard enough in winter for Frost Fairs to be held. I’d come for a walk with you! Sitting still and ice fishing does NOT appeal though.

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  2. Nice story and photos, Rebecca. It makes me happy from the standpoint of fun in winter, and childhood memories of that. It makes me sad from the standpoint that people are choosing their friends now by their vaccine status. We live in sad times.

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  3. Photos great and love the idea of people ice-fishing, skating, walking on ice, whatever. But it’s not for me. I’m totally a warm-weather person although i have no desire to live in a hot climate. I love the seasons we have and the gentle moving from one to another. Having said that, climate change is making this somewhat different nowadays – but I’m still not going ice-fishing!!


  4. Ice fishing is such a fascinating example of making the best of things. I’m told it can be cozy inside the little cabins. Not sure I believe it. But Nanook of the North was cozy in the igloo, so maybe ….


    1. Thanks for your comments. A fishing hut can be cozy, you’re right. I just looked up Nanook because I had heard the phrase but didn’t know the origin. I now know it was an early documentary (1922), albeit a scripted one portraying the Inuit culture though outside eyes. The director thought the name Nanook would sell better than the central person’s actual Inuit name, Allakariallak. Nanook means polar bear in Inuit. Although igloos are warm inside, the one in the movie was not. After it was built, a section was removed so the camera had enough light – so the characters slept exposed to the elements! Appreciate you inspiring this little bit of research. Stay warm. 🙂

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