Where the Wild Mushrooms Grow

Eagle led me into the woods yesterday after school. Read to the end to see the poem our hike inspired. A forest grows between the golf course and the bike path following reclaimed railroad tracks half mile (1K) from the school. Oak trees, standing and fallen. Those that were horizontal were covered with half moon mushrooms.

Mushroomed Log Photo: Rebecca

We walked a kilometer through the woods and the city disappeared. A sacred quiet descended. I felt uprooted from time. When were we? Were minutes in motion? We arrived in the spiritual home of the mushrooms. Was it once named that way, rather than by the family name of the owner…?

Oak Log in the Snow Photo: Rebecca

The mushrooms took many different shapes, as they did their work returning nutrients to the soil.

Upright Log Photo: Rebecca

Silent workers, recycling trees, feeding tree children grown into the canopy above.

Place of Mushrooms Photo: Rebecca

What is it about the silence of the woods that allows me to hear my thoughts?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

City Eclipse

oak trees standing and fallen

sacred forest quiet

Half moon mushrooms

silent workers returning

nutrients to tree children

embraced by the woods

hear, my thought


–Rebecca Cuningham, 1/19/22
Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Mushrooms Photo: Rebecca
Rebecca Cuningham

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      1. Yes, they were very special those creams and white were wonderful.😇 In my blog tomorrow I have a fungus I couldn’t see but put the camera underneath to get it as I didn’t want to disturb it. I was surprised at what I saw. I would love you to see it. I wish I was tech savy. Thanks again for sharing such beauty. Lovely post.

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      2. He can pin the latest post to your front p pop age, or Blog can be a category in your main menu. I had to laugh, my husband is the same way, I’m happy he does the dishes! 🙂


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