Odd: Four Wheels on the Ice

You might say it’s even, considering the four wheels.

Vehicles on lakes are a common sight in January and February in Wisconsin, but this was the first I’d seen this year. It was a classic, “I’m driving, Eagle please take the photo!” They took 11, this is my favorite.

Four Wheels on Ice. Photo: Eagle

I think I’d rather skate or ski on ice, but wheels on ice makes fir a funnier photo. ¡Olé! -Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

26 thoughts on “Odd: Four Wheels on the Ice

    1. I think it’s a healthy caution. In winter, I’ve skied and skated and walked on a lake, but I haven’t driven. A friend of mine’s older brother took her out on lake ice when she had a learner’s permit to drive, to teach her how to control spins. Sounds like it was a good lesson for a Minnesotan.


  1. Taking the short cut across the lake saves on gas, until the person falls in and has to ride an ambulance to the hospital, and that’s if someone finds them. Nervy! I wonder statistically in history how many deaths there have been on ice that someone thought was “thick enough”?

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    1. Good point, Susan. I’ve heard two stories from acquaintances this year about falling through the ice in December. The ice is generally safe January through mid’March, but the areas near the Yahara River and the power plant are unsafe due to warm and moving water. The folks we know fell in near the Yahara, and were saved. There are sad stories every year of people misjudging the ice.


  2. I have a sad association with a snowmobile on ice in New York state. So, looking at this I can think only of what could go wrong. At least Wisconsin is colder than New York and the ice is probably thicker.

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    1. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that! I am very conservative about when and where I go on the ice. After February is over, that’s it for the year. My husband is from California and stays off the ice altogether.

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    1. Well, last week the ice was solid, many inches thick, actually enough to hold up a small vehicle. But we’ve had a lot of 38 degree (3C) days this week so I think it might not be a thick now.


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