Patio Dining for the Winter Set

Wednesday we ate a romantic Middle eastern breakfast in an transparent outdoor tent. Outdoor temperature was a balmy 36 F (2C).

Winter patio tents. Photo: Rebecca
Tent zippers. Photo: Rebecca

Tents with a view of the trees and sky.

Evan and Rebecca in the outdoor dining tent. Photo: Rebecca

Delicious food and great company! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

44 thoughts on “Patio Dining for the Winter Set

  1. I admire your fortitude, but it’s definitely not for me. My cosy kitchen/diner, my coffee pot bubbllng away, my toaster handy and newspaper spread across the table, that’s breakfast for me.

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  2. What a fun outing you had despite the chilly air. I wonder how many of those outdoor tents will remain once the new normal approximates the before times? I think many will stay up around here. Btw, my own post today was the Flamingo I promised you a couple of months ago. (Sorry no Flamingo emoji. Where are those slacker graphic designers anyway?)

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  3. What fun! And so sorry not even to submit two lines of poetry this month. My son and his wife and their two small children arrived from London for half term and …. need I say more …?

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  4. Wow, 2°C?! And outdoor dining? Even if there were heaters, it’s crazy you braved the cold for a meal. For me as a Californian, I would have not been able to tolerate it!

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