Olbrich Garden Orchid Show 2022

Tropical weather, flowers, plants and birds deficit, is what we feel in Wisconsin in February. Thank you Olbrich Orchid Extravaganza. This exotic flower show helps me hold on until spring in March or April. My good friend and I went last Friday, to walk, talk and flower gaze.

We saw a rainbow of colors, little birds who live in the Bolz Conservatory were singing, and it was not overly crowded with visitors. Olbrich requires masks indoors, which seems wise in the heat of the interior tropics (as does Madison in inside public spaces until March 1).

Red and Yellow Orchid Photo: R. Cuningham
Orchid Trio Photo: R. Cuningham
Tiny Red Orchids Photo: R. Cuningham
White Orchids Photo: R. Cuningham
Green Orchids Photo: R. Cuningham
Fuschia Flowers Photo: R. Cuningham
Odd Square Tiger Orchid Photo: R. Cuningham

A bouquet for you!

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Also brought to you by Becky B’s Odd Squares. Click on the word odd in the previous sentence for some great photos!


Rebecca Cuningham

37 thoughts on “Olbrich Garden Orchid Show 2022

    1. Thanks for your comment and follow, Rebone! Glad you like the orchid photos. We have few native orchids where I live in the northern US. It makes the show very special. I read there are at least 45 found in South Africa.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Flower deficiency is a serious but treatable condition 😉 I’ve heard from a friend that the St. Paul Conservatory has a show going on now. Maybe you and your resident flower lover can take a break and visit? xo

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    1. Thanks, Brian. Could be due to summer in Brazil, good thinking. Todo bien aquí. Hope you snd your wife are well también. Say, Mexico City question. Do they still call it the DF, although the status changed in 2017?

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  1. Wow! What a collection. I have studied plants most of my life, but orchids still baffle me. Have you read The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean? It is one of my favorite books.

    Great post and photos.

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