Odd Sight at a Stop Light

Last weekend I was heading west to join friends for a hike, when I arrived at a stoplight and saw a train to my right. All 70 sections were flat bed freight cars. Each one carried three brand new Army jeeps. The jeeps were not covered, so I don’t think it was any big secret. No ships sunk by these loose lips. I did wonder, however, about their destination. There is a large Army base west of the city.

Square Jeep View. Photo: R. Cuningham

As luck would have it, the Veterans’ Hospital is the white and brick building in the background.

Still looking for the peace train.

What are your thoughts on this caravan?

This post is part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and part of Becky B’s Odd Squares! Click on the word six or the word odd in the previous sentence for some great photos! ¡Olé! -Rebecca

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P.S. You all were too kind to mention it last week, but I could only count to 2, not 6. Retitle: Oddly Hazardous, Oddly Hazardous, Oddly Hazardous. ?

Rebecca Cuningham

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