Venezuela: Light Bulb Idea

In 2016, Venezuelan engineer Anderson Sandoval began working on repairing LED light bulb circuits to help people save money. What he discovered was the circuits were designed to run too hot to shorten the life of the bulb. Sandoval decided to change that.

En 2016, el ingeniero venezolano Anderson Sandoval empezó a trabajar en reparaciones de los circuítos de bombillas (ampoletas) LED con la meta de ahorrar dinero para sus compatritas. Lo que descubrió fue que los circuítos estan diseñados para correr demasiado caliente para cortar la vida de la bombilla. Sandoval decidió cambiar eso.

LED Bulb Photo: David R. Tribble

Using recycled parts, he began to make “artisanal” bulbs, on a small scale made by hand. As of 2021, bulbs come in three sizes; small and medium for household use and large for outdoor use. Sandoval is so confident about his work that he guarantees them for 33,000 hours and a 3 year warranty. He is proud to say they are a product made in Venezuela, under his own TEDAS brand (Anderson Sandoval Electronics Workshop). Goodbye programmed obsolescence.

Usando repuestos reciclados, inció el proceso de hacer bombillas artesanales a escala pequeña hechas a mano. Desde 2021, estas iluminaciones vienen en 3 tamaños; pequeñas y medianas para uso casero y grande para uso en el exterior. Sandoval tiene tanta confianza de su producto que ofrece una garantia de 33,000 horas y 3 años. Tiene orgullo de su producto hecho en Venezuela, bajo su propia marca, TEDAS (Taller Electrónico de Anderson Sandoval). Adiós a la obsolescencia programada.

What do you think of this new development? So far the product is available only in Venezuela.

¿Qué piensas tu del desarrollo nuevo electrónico? Hasta ahora este producto sólo se encuentra en Venezuela.

¡Gracias! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

17 thoughts on “Venezuela: Light Bulb Idea

  1. Brilliant idea. Surely this is the beginning of a revolution, in which products are designed to last, rather than give up the ghost early, and then designed to be repaired thereafter rather than junked? I was born before planned obsolescence was a thing. Surely it’s due a renaissance?

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  2. I’m very much in favour asd I’ve recently had to replace 11 such bulbs throughout my flat. I had to wait until I had a decent amount so that it could be an hour’s job for a handyman, not a 5-minute one where the cost would be the same! The bulbs don’t last long. I was told when I changed that although hey cost more initially, it would be worth it in the end. Wrong!

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