Snug Cabin Spring Break 2022

Eagle and I traveled “up north” to our family cabin in Minnesota for spring break. For three days we pursued an exhausting schedule of sleep, eat, work on a puzzle, make food, eat, play dominoes…

Cabaña acogedora en las vacaciones de primavera 2022

Eagle y yo viajamos “al norte” a la cabaña familiar en Minnesota durante las vacaciones de primavera. Por tres días seguimos un horario agotador de dormir, comer, trabajar en un rompecabezas, preparar comida, comer, jugar dominó…

Sunset over the lake. Photo: R. Cuningham

The ice on the lake was beginning to melt. We saw open water near the shore. One evening we heard the shifting ice bellow like a whale!

El hielo sobre el lago empezaba a derretir. Vimos agua abierta cerca de la orilla. Una noche escuchábamos el gruño del hielo movedizo que pareció la voz de una ballena.

Window Facing the Frozen Lake Photo: R. Cuningham

The cabin has no electricity or running water. Simplicity. A propane tank makes a fridge and stove possible.

La cabaña no tiene ni electricidad ni agua corriente. Simplicidad. Un tanque de propana provee la posibilidad de una estufa y refrigeradora de gas.

Roasting Marshmallows Photo: J Cuningham

At times we still cook over an outdoor fire like in my childhood when we camped up north at the lake. Making s’mores is definitely one of those times!
A veces cocinamos con una fogata como en los días de mi infancia cuando hicimos camping en la orilla del lago. Hacer un postre clásico con galletas, chocolate y malvavisco es una de estas.

S’more Photo: R. Cuningham

What is fun for you? Staying in a tent, cabin, or full modern luxury?

¿Qué te parece divertido: quedarse en una carpa, cabaña o en plena luja moderna?

Inscríbete en el Reto poético, fecha de entrega 10 abril.  ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Join the Poetry Challenge, poems due 4/10.  ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Please note the unique spelling of our last name. Favor de notar la ortografía poca usual de nuestro apellido.

Cuningham Cabin Sign Photo: R. Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

18 thoughts on “Snug Cabin Spring Break 2022

  1. Fabulous, fabulous! Anglo-Spanish granddaughter arriving imminently., so … my poem is going to be too late for your deadline. But I will do one. I’m interested in your new form, and want to do it justice.

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  2. You have a family cabin “up North”? How lovely… (Shades of Jack London…)
    I don’t normally “share” that, but we just bought a “cabin” of sorts an hour away from Mexico city. “Just”, well last year. There was a bit of work involved which took a few months. I now normally spend a week there, a week in DF. My wife will join me tomorrow and we’ll spend Semana Santa here.
    A respite form the outside world isn’t it?

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  3. Sounds like such a nice old-fashioned time! Sometimes I wonder If we all would be less anxious nowadays if we had less screen time and more s’mores and board games. 😉 Also, I wanted to thank you for the way you do your paragraphs of English and Spanish together. I have just a first year kind of Spanish knowledge, and I like to practice seeing how many Spanish words I get, then compare to the English. Fun!

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  4. I love the snow peaking through on the s’mores picture. What a great get-away! I was surprised to hear that you can run a refrigerator from propane tank.

    A cabin at the lake is one of my favorite adventures. It reminds me of the summers of my youth. Thanks, Rebecca!

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